Voluntary service kulturweit

kulturweit is the international voluntary service within the framework of Germany’s foreign culture relations and education policy.

learning with perspectives

kulturweit gives young people aged 18 to 26 a better perception and sense of their global responsibility. During the voluntary service with the German Commission for UNESCO, they directly participate with their work at cultural and educational institutions worldwide.

Whether assisting in a German class at the European school in Tiflis, within a cultural programme at the Goethe-Institut in Hanoi, or in an information centre of the German Academic Exchange Service in Bogotá: kulturweit volunteers from Germany are actively involved with our partners for the six to twelve months in countries of the global South, Eastern Europe and the CIS, while they are supported by the German Federal Foreign Office.

kulturweit initiates learning processes and provides sustainable perspectives. The opportunities reach far beyond the voluntary service, with offers for further education regarding seminar concepts, World Heritage and Education for Sustainable Development: kulturweit alumni are part of a strong alumni network that chooses and jointly develops themes.

kulturweit engages in promoting an open-minded society in line with UNESCO. A lifelong process in personality development with respect to culture, education and human rights is the main focus. Another focus is teaching an ethical approach that is committed to the values of peace, human rights and justice.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights passed by the United Nations is the foundation for the work of UNESCO, its German commission and kulturweit. The voluntary service contributes to create an inclusive and open-minded society in Germany.

assignment locations + tasks

The assignment locations the volunteers are offered the opportunity to engage in are located in countries of the global South, Eastern Europe and the CIS.

Our partner organisation include the following:

the German Academic Exchange Service
the German Archaeological Institute
the Deutsche Welle Akademie
the Goethe-Institut
the Educational Exchange Service in cooperating with
the Central Agency for Schools Abroad as well as
National Comissions for UNESCO worldwide.

During their assignments, volunteers take on a variety of tasks and implement their own projects. Volunteers expand their perspective on global contexts and different living and work conditions while participating at a voluntary service.

These new experiences and enhanced competences allow the volunteer upon his/her return to advocate for open-mindedness within German society.


  • promotion of personality development and competences of all participants in a globalised world
  • increased interest of young adults in civic involvement for an active society
  • conveyance of a modern and distinctive image of Germany, and distinctive images of the assignment countries to the German society
  • personal experiencing and living of major UNESCO matters within international context
  • contribution to a peaceful coexistence of people and societies worldwide