UNESCO Associated Schools

Throughout Germany you can find more than 300 UNESCO associated schools. The German UNESCO associated schools work closely together and benefit from the broad international exchange with more than 10.000 UNESCO associated schools in over 180 countries.

Goals and focus

UNESCO associated schools focus on intercultural learning with one central goal: learning to live together in a pluralistic world of cultural diversity. They are committed to an education that enables people to lead a fulfilling life and develop their personality. They concentrate on six UNESCO educational approaches:

  • Human rights and democracy education
  • Intercultural learning, living together in diversity
  • UNESCO World Heritage education
  • Education for sustainable development
  • Global Citizenship Education
  • Freedom and opportunities in the digital age

Strategic cooperation

UNESCO associated schools in Germany

  • integrate UNESCO educational concepts into school programmes,
  • explore teaching concepts and pass on successful approaches to schools within and outside the network,
  • form an active network in which each UNESCO associated school participates with its own actions, projects and partnerships in Germany and worldwide,
  • oganise and participate in national and international seminars, youth camps and exchange programmes,
  • include non-formal learning places and partners in the learning process,
  • are supported by coordinators at school, state and federal level as well as by the Ministries of Education and Culture,
  • disseminate UNESCO educational concepts.