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Intangible Cultural Heritage

Cooperatives in Germany, yoga in India or rumba from Cuba - they all belong to the Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO. 430 forms of intangible cultural heritage are listed on the Representative List of UNESCO, over 70 on the German Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Dances, theatre, music, traditions, festivals or crafts - intangible cultural heritage is carried by human knowledge and skills. It is an expression of creativity, conveys continuity and identity and shapes societies. The 2003 Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage ensures its further development.

Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage

UNESCO's Representative List embodies the diversity of intangible cultural heritage worldwide. Forms of cultural expressions such as Argentinean and Uruguayan tango, traditional Chinese medicine and the Manden Charter in Mali, considered the oldest constitution in the world, show how cultural expressions shape identities and strengthen social cohesion. From Germany, the idea and practice of cooperatives, falconry, as part of an international registration, and organ craftsmenship and music are listed by UNESCO. The Intergovernmental Committee on Intangible Cultural Heritage decides on the inscription of cultural forms every year.

Nationwide Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage

Germany ratified the UNESCO Convention in 2013 and committed itself to create a nationwide inventory of intangible cultural heritage. By establishing this inventory, the importance of intangible cultural heritage in general and individual forms of cultural expressions in particular come to great public attention. Examples of good pratices show how intangible cultural heritage is passed on to the next generation. The nationwide inventory is compiled in a multi-stage procedure by the German Commission for UNESCO, the federal states, the Standing Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs and the Federal Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

Nationwide Inventory of Intangible Heritage

National Register of Best Safeguarding Practices