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World Heritage sites face a great variety of responsibilities and challenges: Protecting the sites and their Outstanding Universal Value, communicating and educating about World Heritage, contributing to sustainable development and fostering international cooperation. The German Commission for UNESCO seeks to support World Heritage sites in Germany by promoting networks and peer-to-peer-exchanges and by offering information and training possibilities. Via different formats and channels the Commission fosters understanding and knowledge about World Heritage, especially among young people.

World Heritage Trainee Programme

Based on the conviction that the long-term preservation of our common heritage can only be achieved by sensitizing and empowering young generations, the German UNESCO Commission offers a two-year training programme World Heritage Trainees. continue reading

World Heritage Information Centres

Communicating and educating people about key aspects of the World Heritage Convention and World Heritage itself is a central task for World Heritage sites around the world. continue reading

Transboundary Cooperation

Transboundary cooperation represents a vital part of the World Heritage Convention and reflects the core values of UNESCO as an international organisation whose purpose is to contribute to peace and security by promoting cooperation among nations. continue reading

European Cooperation

Heritage is crucial for the European idea. Through cultural heritage, especially, people discover their shared history and learn from the past. European heritage has the potential to demonstrate the interdependence of heritage, dialogue and solidarity at European level. continue reading

World Heritage and Sustainability

World Heritage has the potential to encourage sustainable development and to increase the effectiveness and relevance of the Convention by offering appropriate guidance to all the actors involved. continue reading

Young Experts dedicated to Syria's Cultural Heritage

Believing in the importance of involving young experts in the protection and promotion of World Heritage, the German Commission for UNESCO and the Gerda Henkel Foundation organised a young experts' forum on "Emergency Safeguarding of Syria’s Cultural Heritage". continue reading

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Communicating World Heritage
Austausch im Rahmen der Welterbe-TeamerInnen-Weiterbildung an der Zeche Zollverein

World Heritage

Communicating World Heritage

The German Commission for UNESCO seeks to encourage and work with World Heritages sites and other stakeholders in Germany in the field of World Heritage communication and education.
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Education for Sustainable Development


Education for Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development is achieved once people around the world live together in dignity and develop their personality taking into account resource scarcity and the inherent value of natural heritage - today and in the future.
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