Culture and Nature

Our contribution

The German Commission for UNESCO assists the German UNESCO Global Geoparks throughout the life-cycle, from support in the application and revalidation processes to quality improvement, in particular with a view to strengthen them as places for implementing the 2030 Agenda and to facilitate international partnerships.

Illustration Geoparks

The German Commission for UNESCO and its UNESCO Global Geoparks Unit is the point of contact for all questions related to the application procedure, quality development and revalidation as a UNESCO Global Geopark. It serves as secretariat for the National Committee for UNESCO Geoparks in Germany and therefore supports it in all matters.

The German Commission for UNESCO regularly organizes expert discussions and workshops for the exchange of ideas that are of relevance for the National Committee and the German UNESCO Global Geoparks. Between 2016 and 2019, for example, the German Commission for UNESCO has organized some ten workshops on education for sustainable development, renewable energies and the global Sustainable Development Goals.

National and international networking

Cooperation with Africa is also an area of focus for the German Commission for UNESCO. For example, the commission organized a workshop in Rwanda in 2017 to examine the potential of geoparks in the East African region. In 2018, the commission supported financially its Kenyan partners in their efforts to have the Baringo region in the North of Kenya be designated as a UNESCO Global Geopark.

The German Commission for UNESCO also enables and strengthens dialogue with government ministries and parliamentarians to provide political support for UNESCO Global Geoparks.

Cultivating and expanding networks

Creating synergies and networks of actors are the central tasks of the German Commission for UNESCO. In particular, the exchange with other UNESCO designated sites, such as the UNESCO Biosphere Reserves and the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, is vital. Through close cooperation with the Forum of German UNESCO Global Geoparks and the UNESCO Secretariat in Paris, the commission ensures effective communication between UNESCO and Germany.