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German Summer School of Hydrology in Bochum

Every year, the Ruhr University of Bochum organizes an International Summer School on Hydrology of two to three weeks’ duration, in cooperation with the German IHP/HWRP National Committee and the IHP of UNESCO and with funding from DAAD.

The Summer School provides the opportunity for knowledge transfer and exchange on hydrological processes and water management. These issues are important not only for water supply and sanitation, but also for the management of national and international river catchments, disaster prevention and global climate change.

The Summer School focuses on topics relevant for an international audience and for operational services in the field of hydrology. Each summer term has a different emphasis. The theme of the 2007 Summer School was “Hydrology and Water Management in Mountainous Catchment Areas”, with 21 participants from 17 countries. In 2008 the school focused on “Groundwater Modelling, Soil Water Modelling, and Modern Components of Flood Management”. 2009's theme was "Transport in Soil- and Groundwater and Tracer Techniques".

The lecturers are reputed experts from Germany and abroad. The summer school cooperates with partner institutions in China, India, Egypt, Senegal, Poland, Czech Republic, Spain, and Greece. The courses are recognized by European and some non-European universities. Participants can be awarded three or four credit points (CP) according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). All courses are given in English.

Scholarships to selected foreign students are granted by the organizer. Applicants must register via Internet by March, 20th of each year.

Ruhr University Bochum
Selda Serin
Email: serin.selda(at)



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