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The Wadden Sea of Lower Saxony

This site is one of the three German biosphere reserves situated in the Wadden Sea. It covers tidal flats, salt marshes, dunes and beaches along the Lower Saxonian coast and most parts of the East Friesian Islands. The tidal flats create a habitat and living conditions in constant motion as rills of water, salt marshes and various islands.

The biosphere reserve is an important nursing ground for fish and provides stepping stone, resting and feeding area for many millions of birds every year. The Wadden Sea, one of Germany’s last natural landscapes, was designated UNESCO World Heritage in 2009, together with the Wadden Sea in the Netherlands.

The Wadden Sea (Photo by the BR/Jana Lacina) Spoonbill (Photo by Dr Jochen Dierschke) Junior Ranger in the Wadden (Photo by the BR)


Apart from one ornithologist, there are no people living in the biosphere reserve. However, some villages are contiguous to the biosphere reserve. An expansion of the biosphere reserve to the areas beyond the dikes is currently planned. Major human activity is tourism. In the area there are also many visitor centres that inform tourists about the sensitive ecosystem of the Wadden Sea.

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