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World Documentary Heritage in Germany

Since 1999, a National Nominations Committee has been in existence for the Memory of the World Programme. It prepares proposals for inclusion on the UNESCO World Register. Thus far, 24 nominations have been successful:

  • Early recordings of the world's musical traditions (1893-1952) in the Berlin Phonogramm-Archiv (Edison cylinders) (Date of Inscription: 1999)
  • 42-line Gutenberg Bible (2001)
  • The literary estate of Goethe (2001)
  • Beethoven's Ninth Symphony (2001)
  • Fritz Lang’s classic silent film, "Metropolis", of 1925/6 (2001)
  • Illuminated manuscripts from the Ottonian period produced in the monastery of Reichenau (Lake Constance) (2003)
  • "Children’s and Household Tales" by the Brothers Grimm (2005)
  • The Waldseemüller Map of 1507, a joint nomination with the Library of Congress/Washington, USA (2005)
  • The renowned Renaissance library of Matthias Corvinus (Bibliotheca Corviniana), a joint nomination with Hungary, Belgium, France, Italy and Austria (2005)
  • Letters from and to Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz within the collection of manuscript papers of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (2007)
  • Song of the Nibelungs, a heroic poem from mediaeval Europe (2009)
  • Benz Patent of 1886 (2011)
  • Construction and Fall of the Berlin Wall and the Two-Plus-Four-Treaty of 1990 (2011)
  • Lorsch Pharmacopoeia (2013)
  • Nebra Sky Disc (2013)
  • The "Golden Bull" (2013)
  • "Manifest der Kommunistischen Partei", draft manuscript page and "Das Kapital. Erster Band", Karl Marx's personal annotated copy (2013)
  • Documents representing the beginning and the early development of the Reformation initiated by Martin Luther (2015)
  • Autograph of h-Moll-Messe (Mass in B minor) by Johann Sebastian Bach (2015)
  • The Golden Letter of the Burmese King Alaungphaya to King George II of Great Britain (2015)
  • Al-Masaalik Wa Al-Mamaalik (2015)
  • Selected data collections of the world's language diversity at the Language Archive (2015)
  • Frankfurt Auschwitz Trial (2017)
  • Constitutio Antoniniana (2017)


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