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Cultural Diversity - Our Common Wealth

The Essen/RUHR.2010 Bellini Manual On Prospects of Cultural Diversity

Cultural Diversity - Our Common Wealth.
The Essen/RUHR.2010 Bellini Manual On Prospects of Cultural Diversity.
Bonn: German Commission for UNESCO, 2007.
304 p.
ISBN 3-927907-98-7

From April 26-28 2007 the German Commission for UNESCO organised the international conference "Cultural Diversity - Europe's Wealth. Bringing the UNESCO Convention to Life" in the context of the German EU Council Presidency in Essen, European Capital of Culture RUHR.2010. The conference put the guiding principle of Cultural Diversity up for discussion and developed elements of a Europian Action Plan.

This volume comprises a report and the keynotes of the conference as well as important contributions on the topics of film, music, media policies, urban public space, North-South cooperation and about the mentee programme "U40 - Cultural Diversity 2030". Besides facts and figures the final section provides a list of selected resources and documents on the topic.

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