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German Commission for UNESCO and human rights

DUK implements relevant elements of UNESCO’s human rights programme in Germany:

  • An exhaustive Online guide on human rights procedures for Africa in English and French has been published by DUK and the French Commission for UNESCO in 2008.
  • A more generic guide on human rights procedures has been published in more than 12 languages in roughly 20 editions.
    The most recent English guide is available online.
  • DUK promotes the world programme on human rights
    education and its action plan in Germany.
  • DUK is one of the 17 organizers of the German Movie Award for Human Rights. Every two years in Nuremburg, the best movies of professional filmmakers, amateurs and academy students receive an award. Special prices are awarded to filmlets and films produced for educational purposes. The award ceremony is a major event which takes place around the International Day for Human Rights (10 December) and is broadcasted in television. On initiative of DUK, the laureate films are publicly presented in several German cities since 2008.
  • DUK is an active member organization of the “Forum Human Rights”, a platform of more than fifty human rights NGOs in Germany. For example, DUK has co-authored the Forum's recent publication “Standards for Human Rights Education in Schools”. Its partners in promoting human rights education in Germany are the German Institute for Human Rights and the UNESCO-Chair in Human Rights Education of the University of Magdeburg. The Chair carries out many activities in academia and outreach; an example is the first German online course in human rights education.