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The potential of sites of aerospace history as a heritage of mankind.

Expert meeting in Berlin

Aviation and the exploration of space have been, from the outset, an international endeavor. Aviation connects cities, countries and continents. Space exploration has allowed humanity to view the globe in its entirety, enabling global communication and the exploration of the cosmos and the planet as a fragile system. At the same time, aerospace technology always had military purposes.

However, the legacy of aerospace is still rarely understood as a heritage of humankind. For example, within the framework of the World Heritage Convention of UNESCO, few sites are included in the individual States’ tentative lists, but no property has yet been inscribed on the World Heritage List. Transnational serial nominations seem to be a particularly relevant approach, specifically for aerospace history. The fact that the legacy of aviation and space exploration has still not been treated in depth, also reflects that the history of technology and science, and civil engineering, construction and construction technology in the 20th century are not yet fully understood as heritage of humankind.

ICOMOS Germany and the German Commission for UNESCO supported by the German Aerospace Center, will organize an international expert meeting in Berlin, 6-8 April 2017, as a continuation of previous expert meetings, including at the German national level, and various studies. The expert meeting will discuss the historical significance, the condition and today's use of a number of sites in the countries of origin of the participants; and how they could be related to each other in view of their possible identification as heritage of humankind at a later stage.

Participation in the meeting is limited to individual invitation.

(Artikel erstellt am 20. März 2017)



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