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UNESCO today

UNESCO today No 2/2007

Magazine of the German Commission for UNESCO

No 2/2007
UNESCO Biosphere Reserves: Model Regions with a Global Reputation

UNESCO today in PDF (88 pages, 4.6 MB)


Lutz Möller

Message of Greeting
Christian Wulff

"A sustainable Coexistence of Mankind and Nature"
Sigmar Gabriel

Biosphere Reserves, a Response to Infrastructural Challenges
Gertrud Sahler

Biosphere Reserves – A Visionary Tool for Addressing Today’s Challenges
Julia Marton-Lefèvre

MAB – Man and the Biosphere
In retrospect

Biosphere Futures
Natarajan Ishwaran

Dynamism and Change of Cultural Landscapes
What can Biosphere Reserves Accomplish?
Werner Konold

Education for Sustainable Development in German Biosphere Reserves
Lenelis Kruse-Graumann

The Challenge Climate Change
Carlo Jaeger

Detecting Signals of Global Change
International Scientific Cooperation using Mountain Biosphere Reserves
Thomas Schaaf

Citizens' Involvement – Success Factor for Rural Areas
Claudia Neu

Success Factors for Biosphere Reserve Management
Susanne Stoll-Kleemann

Regional Marketing in German Biosphere Reserves 2007
Armin Kullmann

Marketing Local Produce in the Rhön Biosphere Reserve
Martin Kremer

Criteria for Biosphere Reserves in Germany

The Framework Concept: a Chance for Integrative Nature Conservation
Klaus Jarmatz

A new Framework Concept for "Vessertal-Thüringen Forest"
Johannes Treß

National Natural Landscapes
Communication Project Boosts Biosphere Reserves
Eberhard Henne

Information and Emotion
Creating a Brand Image for the Spreewald Water Edge Project
Christine Kehl / Elke Baranek

Nature Conservation Creating Employment
'Job-Motor Biosphere' in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Schaalsee
Rainer Mönke

Changes Lead to New Perspectives
The Swabian Alb prepares its application as a UNESCO biosphere reserve
Marcus Lämmle

Biosphere Reserve – National Park – World Heritage Site
The Wadden Sea has a lot to offer
Hubert Farke / Peter Südbeck

The World Network of UNESCO Biosphere Reserves
The List

Partnerships between River Biosphere Reserves
Guido Puhlmann / Susanne Reinhardt

Partnering with Camili Biosphere Reserve
Peter Heyne

"Our New National Parks are actually Biosphere Reserves"
Interview with Michael Succow

Transboundary Biosphere Reserves
Roland Stein

The 3rd World Congress of Biosphere Reserves

UNESCO's "Man and the Biosphere" Programme in Germany
Resolution of the 67th General Assembly of the German Commission for UNESCO



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