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UNESCO today

UNESCO today 1/2010

Magazine of the German Commission for UNESCO

No 1/2010
Arts Education for All:
What Experts in Germany are Saying

UNESCO today in PDF (94 pages, 3.7 MB)


Editorial by the President of the German Commission for UNESCO

Perspectives on Arts Education in Germany:
Historic, Artistic, Socio-political

The Development of the Concept of Arts Education in Germany
From Kulturelle Bildung to Arts Education
Eckart Liebau

  • From the Field: Civic Education Through Active Creation
    19 Freiheiten

What Do We Mean When We Say "Arts Education for All"?
Access for Youth, the 50+ Population and Other Groups of Differing Cultural Backgrounds
Susanne Keuchel

  • From the Field: A Dance Project for Teens and Seniors
    Pina Bausch’s Kontakthof

Arts Education as the Shared Work of Society
Wolfgang Schneider

  • From the Field: A Culture of Reading and Literacy
    Wir Lesen Vor
  • From the Field: A Carefully Conceived Instrument of Civic Education
    The festival Politik im Freien Theater

Documentation: Recommendations by the Enquête Commission on Culture in Germany on Arts Education
German Bundestag 2004 – 2007

The Arts Education Learning Journey
From Lisbon to Seoul
Christine M. Merkel / Anna Steinkamp

  • From the Field: A Cultural Magazine for Children
  • Arts Education in the Twenty-first Century
    Spotlight on Sir Ken Robinson

Documentation: Arts Education – Culture Counts
A Contribution from European Experts to the Seoul Process, Berlin, December 2009

From Policy to Practice and Practice to Policy

The Elements of Quality Arts Education
Prerequisites for Education In the Arts and Through the Arts
Max Fuchs

  • From the Field: A Proactive Approach to Early Childhood Education
    Von Piccolo bis Picasso
  • From the Field: Cultural Heritage in Schools
    denkmal aktiv – Kulturerbe macht Schule
  • From the Field: Museums and Schools in Saxony Invest in Sustainable Cooperation
    LernStadtMuseum in Sachsen – Schüler entdecken Museen
  • From the Field: Multifaceted Music Education
  • From the Field: A Network for Film and Media Literacy
    Vision Kino

Monitoring and Evaluating Arts Education
The Shift to Focusing on Quality
Susanne Keuchel

  • From the Field: Monitoring Early Childhood Arts Education in Baden-Württemberg
    Arts Programmes for Children in Nursery Schools, Stiftung Kinderland
  • From the Field: Sustainable Theatre Education
    tjg Theaterakademie, Dresden

Art and Education
How Theatre Educators Can Work Artistically in Formal Education
Joachim Reiss

  • From the Field: Nationwide Partnerships Between Theatre and Schools
    TUSCH – e.g. the Educational Programmes of Thalia Theater

Documentation: Arts Education for Cultural Diversity. An Excerpt from the German White Paper "Shaping Cultural Diversity” (2010)

  • From the Field: Establishing Dance in Schools
    Bundesverband Tanz in Schulen

Three Innovative Partnerships with Policy Potential
Kinder zum Olymp! – An Instrument for Every Child – Rite of Spring

  • From the Field: 100 Projects for Children and Youth
    RUHR.2010, the European Capital of Culture

In His Own Words
Royston Maldoom on the Qualities of Successful Dance Projects

A Key Partner in the Field
A Profile of the German Federation for Cultural Youth Education

Partnerships that Create New Learning Spaces for All

The Need for Innovative Partnerships and New Learning Spaces
Brigitte Schorn / Ernst Wagner

  • From the Field: Infusing Arts into the Day
    Germany’s Youth Arts Schools
  • From the Field: Enhancing Community Partnerships in North Rhine-Westphalia
    Community Masterplan for Arts Education
  • From the Field: Thinking Creatively and Critically about Computer Games
    Initiative Creative Gaming
  • From the Field: Arts for the Aging
    Bundesarbeitskreis Seniorentheater
  • From the Field: Making the Internet a Safe and Creative Space
    A Net for Kids

Education and Impact Through Arts
A Third Space Where Art and School Can Meet
Winfried Kneip

Artistic Interventions in the Public Sphere
Learning Through a Break in Routine
Thomas Ritschel

  • From the Field: Forging Connections to Intangible Cultural Heritage
    Mobile Blacksmiths Laboratory
  • From the Field: Filming in the Streets
    film>>up interkulturell

The Federal Academies for Arts Education
Remscheid – Trossingen – Wolfenbüttel

  • From the Field: Inclusion and Empowerment of Children with Special Needs in Arts Education
    meine Art – deine Art
  • From the Field: Inter-cultural Learning in Cultural Institutions – A Survey
    Interkulturelle Lernorte

In Their Own Words: Perspectives from Young Experts
on the Road Map for Arts Education

A joint-project of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and the international U40-network "Cultural Diversity 2030”
Ernst Wagner

Arts Education in German Schools
A Collection from Current Concepts
Joachim Kettel

  • From the Field: Integration and Language Development Through Music in Baden-Württemberg
    InPop: Integration, Popular Music and Education
  • From the Field: Arts Education at a UNESCO Associated School
    Music projects at Gesamtschule Schinkel, Osnabrück

The International Dimension

Cooperating with the European Union
"Agenda for Culture” and "Strategy for Youth”
Rolf Witte

  • From the Field: European Network of Civil Servants

In Her Own Words
Anne Bamford on Making Arts Education Meaningful

  • From the Field: Using the Arts as an Entry Point for Cultural Exchange

The Second World Conference on Arts Education
Goals for the Future, Seoul on 25-28 May 2010
Georges Poussin, UNESCO

Establishing a UNESCO Chair at the University Erlangen-Nuremberg
Taking the Right Steps to Strengthen Arts Education
Ernst Wagner

  • From the Field: Toppling the Barriers that Keep Us Apart
    Mauerreise – The Wall in the World
  • From the Field: Extending Educational Dimensions in Rural Nicaragua
    Pan y Arte – Música en los Barrios
  • From the Field: Linking Arts with Sustainability
    Arte Sustenibile Uno

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