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Sustainability Science

The development of our world is not sustainable. Our modern lifestyles, our patterns of production and of consumption, as well as our mobility schemes are resource-intensive and polluting. Global change is becoming more pressing and leaves little time during which we will be capable of reshaping our present model of how we live and work, transforming this model into a long-term, sustainable one.

For a rapid and effective reorientation we will require more comprehensive knowledge, not only about new technologies and about sectoral adaptation strategies, but also about systemwide relations, about objectives, and about transformation processes. At best, we have rudimentary knowledge and skills concerning systems, orientations and transformation. What is more, we are forced to shoulder our responsibility today and make the necessary choices towards a sustainable global society.

The German Commission for UNESCO is committed to changing the course of the global science system to optimize the contribution of science to the solution of global challenges. 

For the German science system, the German Commission for UNESCO has adopted, in 2012, its "Memorandum Sustainability ScienceUNESCO und Menschenrechte". 

In a 2014 workshop, the German Commission for UNESCO has studied synergies between transdisciplinary Sustainability Science and German development cooperation. 

For the region of Central and Eastern Europe, the German Commission for UNESCO has co-organized a workshop in the summer of 2014, which culminated in a joint work programme. 

At the global level, the DUK is committed to ensuring that the concept of inter-and transdisciplinary Sustainability Science is promoted by UNESCO.



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