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Natural disasters

© Guano (Flickr CC)

The impacts of natural disasters can be reduced significantly, if people are aware of the danger and if they can be warned in advance. UNESCO partners with other UN organizations and focuses on disaster education and early warning systems.

UNESCO is in charge of the thematic platform "education and knowledge" of UN/ISDR, the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction, founded in 2000. UNESCO supports its Member States in efforts to include disaster preparedness elements into national curricula, to enhance teaching materials on the issue and to make schools more secure places in the case of natural disasters.

UNESCO supports efforts to build national warning and measurement systems for earthquakes, to exchange seismic data across national boundaries and to learn lessons from disasters and subsequent reconstructions. UNESCO-IOC coordinates the estalishment of regional tsunami warning systems in the Pacific, the Indian Ocean (with an active German participation), the Carribbean and the Mediterranean/North-East-Atlantic.

The German centre for geological research GFZ Potsdam offers annual training courses on seismology which are organised in cooperation with UNESCO. 

UNESCO Natural Disaster Reduction website



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