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Cooperation UNESCO - Danone Waters Deutschland

Since May 2008, Danone Waters Deutschland GmbH, UNESCO and the German Commission for UNESCO cooperate with the aim to promote and support biosphere reserves. Danone Waters informs about the 15 German biosphere reserves on the labels of its "Danone Landfrucht" water brand to increase the visibility of the regions. Furthermore, the company provides financial support to selected projects aiming at improving or safeguarding the quality of water and water bodies (lakes, rivers and groundwater) in Germany’s biosphere reserves.

In a first tender procedure in July 2008 four projects in the biosphere reserves Wadden Sea of Lower Saxony, Elbe River Landscape – Brandenburg, Upper Lausitz Heath and Pond Landscape and Elbe River Landscape - Lower Saxony were successful and got financial support for their proposed plans of action. The second tendering in June 2009 had three winners: Spree Forest, Schorfheide-Chorin and, once more, Elbe River Landscape – Brandenburg. With the financial help of Danone Waters the adminstration can implement the proposed measures that would not have been possible otherwise. In the third tender procedure of 2010 three biosphere reserves were succesful to get funding: The Spree Forest with an ESD project, Elbe River Landscape - Lower Saxony with a nature conservation project and Schorfheide-Chorin with a project of innovative technology for ESD.

A publication that was launched in 2011 presents all these projects and the partnership in detail: Download (PDF 9 MB)

Danone Waters Deutschland also supported the presentation of the German model regions for sustainable development at the German Federal Gardening Show in Schwerin on the occasion of the national Year of biosphere reserves 2009. Moreover, periodically, the company raffles trips to German biosphere reserves.

To realize the goals of the United Nations like sustainable development, a cooperative partnership of the economy and the civil society is an important approach. Companies which collaborate with the German Commission for UNESCO respect the "Global Compact" and therewith commit to ten principles in the fields of human rights, working standards, environment protection and anti-corruption.



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