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Diversity is the source of life and of livelihood for mankind. Diversity is everywhere. Biodiversity is the foundation of our existence, cultural diversity the foundation of human creativity and imagination. UNESCO and the United Nations seek to protect biological and cultural diversity, also through enshrining it in international law.

Cultural diversity

The General Conference of UNESCO on 20 October 2005 adopted the "Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions". This agreement provides for a legally binding basis for the right of all states to an independent cultural policy. Germany continues to be among the strongest supporters of this Convention. more...

Inclusive education

Inclusive education is a central concern of UNESCO. Inclusion in education means that all people need to have the same opportunities to obtain quality education and develop their potentials, regardless of special educational needs, gender, social and economic conditions. The German Commission for UNESCO has set up an expert committee on inclusive education in Germany. 


Plants and animals, their habitats and genetic diversity are under threat from mankind worldwide. Biologists estimate that every day some 150 animal and plant species become extinct. The UN Decade on Biodiversity aims to create awareness for the dramatic consequences of this unprecedented loss. more...

Freedom from discrimination

Who has not heard remarks about "the blondes", "Islam" or "the Jews". All people have prejudices, they are created in the structure of learning. But prejudices can be dissolved. In order to counter discrimination and exclusion on the ground, UNESCO has initiated the "Coalition of Cities against Racism". more...



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