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The central mission of UNESCO is to anchor peace in the hearts and minds of people. Becoming open to the world is a result of education. If young people come to understand ​​democracy, human rights and sustainable development, they can take over responsibility for themselves and others and they can act in a conscious manner. Youth therefore is one of the priorities of the German Commission for UNESCO.

Learning in UNESCO Associated Schools

In the UNESCO Associated Schools, young people work towards human rights, the conservation of the environment and for sustainable development. There are some 200 German UNESCO Associated Schools which promote exchanges with schools in other countries. Through international student seminars, the students of these schools make global understanding a reality. more...

Limitless cultural experiences

The programme "kulturweit" allows young people from Germany to do 6 or 12 months of voluntary work in developing countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and in Central and Southeastern Europe. This voluntary service "kulturweit" is a project of the German Commission for UNESCO and funded by the Federal Foreign Office. More than 1,000 young people have participated already.

Education for All

More than 140 million children and young people worldwide do not go to school. Especially the poorest countries are affected. However, education is the most important asset for the future of every human being. At the UNESCO World Education Forum in Dakar in 2000, 164 countries have pledged to achieve six educational goals by 2015. "Education for All" is UNESCO's largest programmes today. more...

Youth and New Media 

New media play a central role in the lives of young people today. While playing and working with computers and the Internet, they acquire important skills for school and their careers later in life. But there are also risks, such as Internet addiction, isolation and loss of reality. The German Commission for UNESCO supports projects such as "" and the "Internet ABC". more...



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