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Cooperation Projects

Since 2008, the German Commission cooperates with National Commissons for UNESCO in African countries. The objectives of this cooperation have been jointly developed by all stakeholders. During the implementation process, the German Commission for UNESCO and their African partner organisations constantly exchange and adapt goals and measures. This way, cooperation in bi- and multilateral projects has led to an aspiring partnership program.

The partnership program contributes to the following objectives: First and foremost, citizens of the African partner countries benefit from the activities. Second, the cooperation strengthens the competencies of African National Commissions. Beyond specific projects, important UNESCO-programs (such as the World Heritage Convention or the “Man and the Biosphere Programme” (MAB)) are considerably promoted.

Furthermore, the German Commission for UNESCO links their measures with various German partners, such as partners in the field of development cooperation, foundations, the private sector, and authorities, so that projects lead to sustainable benefits.

In addition to the key areas of the partnership program, mutual capacity building and promotion of entrepreneurship, the German Commission for UNESCO supports cooperation projects across UNESCO’s mandate:


Cooperation between Germany and African Countries in sciences and nature conservation build an important foundation of sustainable development. The international voluntary service “kulturweit” offers young people insights into the daily life of African National Commissions for UNESCO. Other projects have supported the nomination of world heritage sites and the exchange in UNESCO’s “Associated Schools Project” (ASPnet).



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