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Capacity Building

One of the mainstays of the partnership program with Africa are capacity building workshops. Skills in project management, networking, prioritization of activities, and fundraising are crucial for African National Commissions for UNESCO to deal with limited resources and make a significant contribution to UNESCO programs.

The aim of these workshops is to improve the competencies of National Commissions and to promote an intensive exchange of know-how by building regional networks. Between 2008 and 2015, the DUK has supported 15 capacity-building workshops initiated by African National Commissions.

Moreover, the DUK organizes working visits for African National Commissions in order to promote mutual exchange on each other’s functioning and key activities. At the same time, working visits aim at identifying new cooperation projects.

All National Commissions of Sub-Saharan countries are incorporated in the partnership program.


Putting the Bonn Roadmap into Practive: First Series of Capacity Building Workshops
Following the kick-off workshop in Germany in June 2008, the participating National Commissions from Lesotho, Madagascar, Mali, Namibia, and Rwanda have organised a series of workshops in order to exchange on important and relevant daily challenges. The DUK has supported and accompanied this project. more…


East African Capacity Building Program
The East African National Commissions for UNESCO of Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tansania, and Uganda have joined forces and developed a joint capacity building program for their employees in order to share experiences, know-how and best-practice examples. more...


Southern African Capacity Building Program
Based on the model of the East African National Commissions for UNESCO, the National Commissions of Southern African Countries have decided to strengthen their cooperation and exchange by establishing a regional network. more...


Working Visits
In order to learn from each other, the DUK organizes working visits for employees of African National Commissions for UNESCO. During this exchange, National Commissions gain insights into the functioning and activities of the DUK. At the same time, joint project ideas are developed. more...



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