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As one of UNESCO‘s "Global Priorities", Africa constitutes one of the central cross-cutting issues of the UNESCO programs education, science, culture, and communication. On behalf of Germany’s Federal Foreign Office, the German Commission for UNESCO promotes Germany’s Africa policies in the key areas of peace, democracy, human rights, and education. The unique network of National Commissions for UNESCO provides an ideal basis for an equitable cooperation and underlines the principles of working together with common objectives and shared responsibilities.

Cooperation projects
Capacity Building

In 2008, National Commissions from Sub-Saharan Africa and the German Commission for UNESCO have jointly developed the Bonn Roadmap – a partnership program, which aims at strengthening competencies of African National Commissions by jointly engaging in bi- and multilateral cooperation projects. Capacity building workshops and the Student Training for Entrepreneurial Promotion (STEP) are central activities within this partnership program.



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