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Cooperation with the Private Sector

In order to realize UNESCO’s objectives, the German Commission for UNESCO closely cooperates with companies of the private sector.

Based on the fundamentals of UN’s Global Compact, DUK has developed specific principles guiding the cooperation with private companies. When cooperating with DUK, the private companies commit themselves to compliance with these principles.

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For private companies, cooperation projects with DUK offer the opportunity to take on responsibility for societal development. The idea is not new - it dates back to the model of the “honourable merchant” in mediaeval times. Against the backdrop that the concept of sustainable development is increasingly integrated in people's mind, the idea is more topical than ever.

Nowadays, the concept of “Corporate Social Responsibility” (CSR) is used to remind the private sector of their societal mandate. It supports private companies to contribute to a strong, solidary society beyond their legal obligations. This way, private companies have the chance to promote an environment, which enables them to create economic success.



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