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Jakob Muth-Prize for inclusive schools

In 2013/2014, the Commissioner of the Federal Republic for the Concerns of Disabled Persons, Ms. Verena Bentele, the Bertelsmann Foundation and the German Commission for UNESCO are awarding the Jakob Muth-Prize for inclusive schools for the fifth time. The award is tendered under the slogan "Learning together – with or without disabilities". Three prizes, each endowed with 3.000 €, are given to individual schools and one prize at the amount of 5.000 € is awarded to a network of schools.

Article 24 of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities requests to enable disabled children to attend an inclusive regular school. So far, only 18.3 percent of all children with special educational needs in Germany are provided with this opportunity. The nationwide Jakob Muth-Prize aims at making best practise examples in inclusive education better known.

The prize is named after Professor Jakob Muth (1927-1993), an educationalist, who was intensely committed to the common education of disabled and non-disabled children. He was convinced that every good practise yields fruit.



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