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The Initiative "Action on Education"

Logo of 'Action on Education'

"Expanding and improving comprehensive early childhood care and education, especially for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children."

This is one of the six goals which are aimed to be achieved by the world-wide UNESCO-Program "Education for All". (World Education Forum, Dakar, 2000)

Having this goal in mind, the German Commission for UNESCO took up the patronage of the initiative "Action on Education", which is sponsored by the BASF.

Maedchen mit Seifenblasen
© "Offensive Bildung", BASF SE

Since 2005, the initiative aims at improving early childhood care and education in kindergartens and daycare centers in Ludwigshafen and Rhineland-Palatinate.

Seven different projects support the chidren's development of language skills, creativity, interest in science and nature as well as the implementation of a quality management system within the facilities.

More about the progression of the initiative and the participating organizations

"Action on Education" comprises seven projects:

Monitoring and Educational Partnership (BeobAchtung und Erziehungspartnerschaft)

Story-telling Workshop (Erzählwerkstatt)

Pure Nature (Natur Pur)

Quality from the beginning (Qualität von Anfang an)

Language makes you strong! (Sprache macht stark!)

From small to smart (Vom Klein-Sein zum Einstein)

From Piccolo to Picasso (Von Piccolo bis Picasso)

Further information:
Website of the sponsor BASF



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