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Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE)

Early childhood is a time of remarkable transformation and extreme vulnerability. Programmes that support young children during the years before they go to primary school prove strong foundations for subsequent learning and development. Such programmes also compensate for disadvantage and exclusion, offering a way out of poverty. Learning begins before a child walks through a classroom door; it is a process that begins at birth.

Based on this goal, the German Commission for UNESCO took up the patronage of the initiative “Action on Education”. The initiative aims at improving early childhood care and education in kindergartens and daycare centers by supporting the children’s development of language skills, creativity, interest in science and nature as well as the implementation of a quality management system within the facilities.

Initiative "Action on Education"

To tap the full potential that early childhood care and education offers for further learning, it is essential to facilitate access for all children, as well as to ensure and improve its quality. It is the goal of UNESCO to support the Member States in these challenges.

UNESCO: ECCE Worldwide 

The UNESCO publishes annually a Global Monitoring Report in order to assess the extent to which the six goals of the Education for All programme have been met. The 2007 Report focuses on the first Education for All goal, which calls upon countries to expand and improve early childhood care and education – in the form of a holistic package encompassing care, health and nutrition in addition to education.

ECCE in the Global Monitoring Report



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